An "egotistical" Pictorial History of "SKI's" --- or "Ski" himself!

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Here's the story...

1952 You can tell the path I was going down already.  To make matters worse, I'd already begun shooting about a year before this.  It's nice having a brother that's 12 years older and owns a Crossman .22 pellet rifle!  By this time I was a Junior Member of the NRA and involved in the Marksmanship Program
1955 You'll notice that I've switched to a pistol.  My brother was in ROTC and going to Ohio State.  We were going to visit him in Columbus.  Although he wasn't a "jock", he lived in the "Stadium Dorms" with the Ohio State football team.  Later this day I was to actually meet and talk to Woody Hayes and Howard "Hopalong" Cassady!  (They were afraid the gun was real.)
1967 That's what you get for "partying" in college instead of studying during draft-time/wartime.  During Basic Training at Ft. Knox I obtained "Expert" qualifying ratings in Rifle and Grenade.  Yes, your grenade rating is based on how close the grenade comes to the target you threw at!
1969 Although I initially went to Vietnam in time to catch "Tet of '68", I was transferred to the United States Military Academy Preparatory School, (West Point Prep).  I became Captain of our undefeated small-bore rifle team, whipping VMI, The Naval Academy, and West Point.  I  didn't want to kill innocent Vietnamese for the next 20 years so I rejected my appointment to West Point and , because of that, was purposely sent back to 'Nam in January of '69 and stayed there until I was discharged in May of 1970.

Oh, while I kept the M14, I did a little "trading" with a Korean soldier  for an M1 Carbine, and was attached to the 173rd Airborne Brigade shortly after this picture was taken

1970 I always wanted a "cowboy gun".  I couldn't get one at a decent price from "Kowalka's" so I contacted the ATF, got my FFL, ordered my gun and found out I was a terrible pistol shooter.  I joined Adams Conservation Club, took pistol lessons from the late Jack Grogan, (the Adams Competition Pistol Range is named after him), and have been buying, selling, and shooting handguns ever since.

(Bad lookin' hombre, eh!)

"SKI's" was born!

1976 I got tired of letting my annual NRA membership expire from time to time so I finally bought my NRA Life Membership.  At $150 back then, even if I got no other benefit, that's a pretty good price for almost a 30 year subscription to the "American Rifleman" magazine!  (The NRA Convention in Cincinnati that year was a "blast"!)
2004 After over 50 years of shooting and having just left an illustrious career as an instructor in computer technology and software, I decided to combine what I like to do with what I do best:  I became an NRA Certified Instructor and changed "SKI's" from selling guns to teaching people how to use them correctly and safely, and stay alive in a gunfight with a bad guy!
2010 In 2007 I finally broke down and, based on an offer of a nice jacket with an "Endowment Member" emblem embroidered on it, I gave the NRA a few more bucks and upgraded my membership to "Endowment Member".

Because the NRA was highly responsible for our ability to keep and bear arms, and therefor highly responsible for the success of SKI's Firearms Training, I decided to donate even more money and upgraded to the "Benefactor Member" classification in 2010.