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Just a note: I've been working for ~60 years with just 4 or 5 vacations.  The VA has decided I deserve some bucks for problems caused by my time in the Army/Vietnam and are giving me enough bucks monthly to slow down.  I'm no longer scheduling 10 classes per month --- just 4 or 5.

If you're thinking of taking, what most people know is the only class in the area that helps you stay alive in a criminal attack, (and not just teach you how to shoot paper targets!), you'd better select a class date, (the "CCW Class SCHEDULE" link at the top), and call me to grab a seat before they sell out!


SKI's is the most prolific Ohio/Michigan/Florida Concealed Carry class provider in Ohio, having done over 1000 classes with 6000+ students since 2004, but DOES NOT do an NRA Basic Pistol class as a CCW Class.

Knowing what various gun parts are called, (although you'll learn the major ones), doesn't help keep you alive during a criminal attack, and shooting at paper targets only helps if you're being attacked by an unarmed paper target!

When your "Primal Fear" response kicks in while facing an attacker it's physically IMPOSSIBLE to see the sights on your gun!  You're eyes are fixed and focused on the attacker where they should be --- so you can react to what they're doing!

There is an important difference between my classes and my competitors.  In my classes you'll actually learn things that will teach you how to get around that problem, which may keep you alive instead of just getting the paperwork you need to take to the Sheriff.

Since I spent 2004 - 2015 teaching 12 hour classes filled with "how to survive a criminal attack" stuff, when the state requirement changed to 8 hour classes, I had no way to chose what "life or death" info to cut out of my classes --- so my classes are now 9 hours and you spend your lunch eating great Vito's fold-overs while I'm still teaching --- and I just talk fast to get everything in!

You'll also handle an assortment of  both the best and worst possible concealed carry guns so you'll have an idea of what to buy, and what not to buy, when you leave my class.  That's why I supply the gun for your shooting qualification --- so you don't go out and buy the wrong gun before you know what you're doing.

Although I was a gun dealer for over 25 years, I purposely don't sell guns anymore so that you trust my recommendations instead of think that I'm trying to get into your wallet.  Once I get your payment for the class my only motive is to keep you safe.  I don't use the class to sell guns, range time, additional classes, or other products.

I've been a professional instructor for over 35 years, and am considered to be an expert in the Concealed Carry and Personal Defense field.  (See my latest TV appearance by clicking the link above.)

So, if you find someone "low-balling" the price on their CCW classes I'm sure they know how little their classes are worth.

Keep in mind that beside the gun and ammo, I also provide the lunch from Vito's, coffee, donuts, pop and bottled water --- and supply the passport-sized picture and the application you need to take to the Sheriff.

Your life is on the line and you get what you pay for!  Are you willing to risk your life on the "lowest bidder"?

Select a link at the top of the page to find more information about the classes, the schedules, and the cost.


Tom "Ski" Urbanski